Letter: Maybe it’s time for GOP to beam up to another planet

 I have found that I must respond to the Umatilla Republican Party chairman’s letter in last Thursday’s East Oregonian. I wasn’t going to, but then Mr. Bensel from Pilot Rock responded and now I can’t resist. This is  due to the fact that Mr. Bensel, as I called him 43 years ago, was my favorite teacher and someone I think had a considerable impact on gaining what common sense I might possess. I am sure there are people out there that find this questionable and their thoughts and opinions will be respected.

Chairman Peterson, please take me to your leader. Is it Rush, Mitt or R2D2? Anyway, take me to this person. Maybe I can find out what’s wrong with us Americans or what planet you are from.

Your party nominates a man that states, “I don’t know what I said, but I stand behind what I said, whatever I said.” He tells me that my father is just a taker now that he is a retired vet and receives his entitlements. He explained to his fat cat friends that I don’t pay taxes, I’m irresponsible and feel like a victim. I must admit, Mr. Peterson, this guy’s a crowd pleaser, but do you actually expect me to vote for him? Are you and your  party out of your godforsaken minds?

My father has worked harder in his life than Mitt Romney would in 20 lifetimes. He is also a Christian, as is Don Bensel. Yet Mitt  Romney vets and vets and picks Paul Ryan as his sidekick. Ayn Rand is Paul Ryan’s mentor. Don’t lie for him, Fox News or Mr. Chairman. Nobody else said this, he did. Does it raise any eyebrows in your party that Ayn Rand was a devout pro-choice atheist that believed the strong shall survive and the  weak shall and “should” perish? Do you actually expect us to vote these “moral” people into office, Mr. Peterson?

Your carnival barkers are making millions and your candidates are paying the price. If you and your party don’t have the good sense to see this, please drive to Roswell, N.M., and wait to be beamed up.

Denny Henshaw Jr.